Call for Oral/Poster Abstracts
Submission Deadline: November 12, 2006, 11:59 PM EST   
New submissions will not be accepted after 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, November 12, 2006. Previously submitted abstracts for this meeting will have until 11:59 pm EST on Monday, November 13th to modify and/or complete them.

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The National Conference Planning Committee invites you to submit an Oral/Poster Abstract describing a research study, case study or practice innovation in the areas of professional practice, wound, ostomy or continence. Only "research study" submissions will be considered for an Oral presentation. The review process is completed by a committee composed of representatives from the WOCN National Conference Planning Committee and content/research experts. Abstracts are scored and then selected for either oral or poster presentation. A selection of "research study" abstract topics that contribute significantly to the evidence base of Wound, Ostomy, Continence Nursing Practice will be presented during one general conference session, as oral presentations. Topics for all oral/poster abstract submissions may include but are not restricted to:

Professional Practice
  1. Clinical Practice Outcomes; Standards of Care; Clinical Pathways
  2. Role Justification Issues: Data Collection; Cost/Benefit Studies; CQI Programs Specific to the WOC Nurse Scope of Practice
  3. Computer Software Applications: Database Programs; Statistical Packages; Educational Resources
  4. Restructuring in Health Care Settings, Strategies for Survival
  5. Marketing Strategies to Staff, Administrators, Peers
  6. Implementing a Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program
  7. Satisfaction Measurement
  1. Evidence-Based Interventions
  2. Stomal/Peristomal Complications
  3. Continent Diversion Issues
  4. Psychosocial and Quality of Life Aspects
  5. Product Selection and Innovations
  6. Clinical Outcomes
  1. Evidence-Based Interventions
  2. Management of Complex Wounds
  3. Psychosocial and Quality of Life Aspects
  4. Dermatological Management/Issues
  5. Nutritional Issues in Wound Healing
  6. Product Selection and Innovations
  1. Evidence-Based Treatment and Management
  2. Assessment Techniques
  3. Complications of Incontinence: Dermatological Issues; Urinary Tract Infection; Renal Deterioration
  4. Management of Intractable Incontinence
  5. Psychosocial and Quality of Life Issues
  6. Continence Clinics

Proposals are to be submitted via the Internet. Proposals will be accepted until November 12, 2006. The system will be closed after November 12, and additional proposals will not be accepted. Your submission will be automatically sent to the WOCN office once you have completed the forms and selected the submit feature on the web site. You should not mail any hard copies to WOCN. The system is very user-friendly, and information about technical assistance is available. Please read the following instructions carefully before clicking on the links at the bottom of this page to begin an abstract submission.

General Information

All "research study" abstracts submitted are intended for oral or poster presentation at the WOCN Annual Conference. All "case study" and "practice innovation" abstracts are intended for poster presentation only. The author may submit abstracts of completed work or work in progress. Previously presented research is acceptable for submission in revised format. Duplicate abstracts published in previous WOCN Scientific and Clinical Abstracts will not be accepted. Abstract submission implies that the primary author has the consent of all authors and has obtained necessary institutional clearances. All authors must complete the online disclosure form.

Each individual may submit more than one abstract regardless of designation as author, co-author, or sponsor. The first author can be selected to present, at most, one oral presentation. There is no limit to the number of poster abstracts that can be submitted by an author. The abstract(s) must have been written by the submitting author(s).

In cases of multiple authorship, the presenter of the paper is to be listed as the first or primary author. If the first or primary author is not going to be the presenter, the WOCN office must be contacted for approval.

Policy on Commercial Support

Presentations must avoid commercialism and should conform to the WOCN Standards on Commercial Support: Use of GENERIC names of products is allowed in the body of the abstract and in the poster/oral presentations. If mentioned in titles, GENERIC names of products are to be used. Brand names and company names are to be identified in a footnote. Presentations that constitute promotion and advertising will not be accepted including pervasive or inappropriate use of logos. No company product information may be displayed or disseminated in conjunction with the oral or poster presentation. If the cost of a presentation has been underwritten to any extent, a clear acknowledgment stating the support and identifying the source should be included in the abstract (e.g., "The support of [Corporation or Institution] for this project is gratefully acknowledged."). Statements should not be viewed as or considered representative of any formal stance or position taken on any subject, issue, or product by the WOCN.

Submission Instructions

Please provide all information requested on the submission tool, including:
  • A title for the presentation that informs the reader of the subject matter.
  • A 300-word abstract that describes the sessionís content.
  • You can view samples of Case Study, Practice Innovation, and Research Abstracts on the Web site, prior to starting your submission on-line.

The Review Process

Following receipt, abstracts will be reviewed for compliance with above instructions. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Abstract Review Committee. The committee is composed of representatives from the WOCN National Conference Planning Committee and content/research experts. The Abstract Review Committee will use the following criteria to score each abstract:

For Research Abstracts
  1. Topic: is the topic significant to wounds, ostomy, continence, and/or professional practice?
  2. Purpose: is the purpose/objective clearly stated?
  3. Methodology: are the methods described and appropriate?
  4. Statistics: have appropriate statistical methods been used?
  5. Results: are the results presented in sufficient detail to address the research questions or aim?
  6. Conclusion: are conclusions supported by data presented in the abstract?
  7. Clarity: is the abstract well written? Are ideas clearly communicated?

For Practice Innovation Abstracts
  1. Topic: is the topic significant to wounds, ostomy, continence, and/or professional practice?
  2. Purpose: is the purpose clearly stated? Is a description included that identifies the need for the practice innovation?
  3. Objective: is the objective clearly stated? Is a summary of the purpose and objectives for the practice innovation included?
  4. Outcomes: are the outcomes included that relate to the problem and objective(s)? Are the key measures or indicators used to evaluate the outcomes described?
  5. Clarity: is the abstract well written? Are ideas clearly communicated?

For Case Study Abstracts
  1. Statement of Clinical Problem: is the clinical problem/challenge clearly articulated and relevant to WOC nursing practice? Are relevant clinical data included (age, gender, primary related diagnosis, and relevant comorbidities)?
  2. Description of Past Management: is the duration of the clinical problem stated? Are past management approaches and patient response described?
  3. Current Clinical Approach: is the management plan and any changes made to it described along with rationale?
  4. Patient Outcomes: is the patient response described, including time frame for response, objective and subjective data?
  5. Conclusions: are clinical implications identified along with limitations? Has the author limited conclusions to this case only, without generalization to general population?
Research Study abstracts receiving the highest scores will be accepted for oral or poster presentations. Case Study and Practice Innovation abstracts receiving the highest scores will be accepted for poster presentations.The Abstract Committee determines the number of poster and oral presentations to be accepted. Not all abstracts submitted will be accepted. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be mailed by February 15, 2007, along with guidelines for poster presenters.

Accepted abstracts will be published in a supplement of the Journal of Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing (JWOCN), which will include each abstract, author and author affiliation. The email address of the primary author will also be included in the journal. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their abstract in the form of a manuscript to the Journal of Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing (JWOCN) for later publication. Information regarding the process for manuscript submission to JWOCN can be found on the WOCN Web site, under the Publications section.

Oral Abstracts: Select authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to present their work during one general session. Only the primary author will make the abstract presentation unless another author is approved by the NCPC Abstract Coordinator. Time for oral presentations will vary and will be communicated to authors well in advance of the date of presentation.

Poster Abstracts: Authors of accepted poster abstracts must be present at their poster during the poster session scheduled for Tuesday, June 12, 2007 from 7:00-9:00 AM. Handouts are encouraged. No audio-visual equipment will be available. Posters will be displayed on a free-standing eight feet wide by four feet tall board with loop Velcro finish. Velcro tabs will be available on each poster board for use in securing poster materials. Posters are to remain on display until the designated removal time, which will occur on Tuesday, June 12 from 5:30-6:30 PM.

  To submit your proposal, please follow the on-line submission forms accessible via the links below.
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Deadline for the receipt of all submissions: November 12, 2006, 11:59 PM EST
If you require technical assistance to complete your online submission, please contact technical support, or phone (401) 334 - 0220 (8:30 AM - 6:00 PM, EST). For questions concerning policy decisions or the conference itself, please contact Member Services at the WOCN National Office at (888) 224 - WOCN.