CS14-069 Moisturization and Lubrication: A Proven Remedy For Dry, Scaly, Flaky Skin

Paula Pattison, RN, BSN, CWON1, Jonathan Gordon, MD, FACS, CWS2, Paula Muto, MD, FACS2, Lorraine DeRosa, RN, CWS2, Venu Saddi, M.D.3 and Brenda Holter, RN, BHN4, (1)Self Employed, Nursing Consultant; Past Director Wound Clinic At Holy Family, Kingston, NH, (2)Wound Clinic, Holy Family Hospital, A Steward Family Hospital, Methuen, MA, (3)Holy Family Hospital, A Steward Family Hospital, M.D. Staff in Wound Clinic, Methuen, MA, (4)Holy Family Hospital, A Steward Family Hospital, Staff member in Wound Clinic, Methuen, MA
Statement of Problem:  Aging, edema, diabetes mellitus, decreased vascularization and non-compliance to perscribed protocols all contribute to dry, scaly, and flaky skin of the lower extremities.  A vigorous program is required to remove scales, scabs, and debris, cleanse the area, and get to the enveloping epithelial layer.  A maintenance program of education and accountability of patients and healthcare providers is then required to maintain the skin in optimal condition.

Methods:  For the past 13 years,  this Wound Clinic has utilized a skin care program including prevention, education, and compliance in skin hygiene to address the problems presented by the patient with dry, scaly, and flaky skin.  Moisturization and lubrication of the damaged skin are key components of our protocol.  This Clinic uses a concentrated melting moisturizing creme to moisturize, lubricate, and heal skin.

Results and Conclusions:  Four cases have been chosen as examples to demonstrate the utility of our program.  These include a 67 year old man with Down's Syndrome with a three year history of debrie build up over 1 cm thick; a 30 year old man with severe scabbing and contamination of chemical burns to both pretibial areas; a 53 year old non-compliant man with venous disease, bilateral pedal edema, and persistent fungal issues; and a 63 year old non-compliant  man with diabetes.  These four case summaries and photographs illustrate the effectiveness of following this simple but extremely effective skin protocol outlined by this clinic for thousands of patients and healthcare providers.  During this time, moisturization and lubrication provided by concentrated melting moisturizing creme has largely eliminated the problem of dry, scaly, and flaky skin seen secondary to a wide variety of conditions.