CS14-081 Use of an Antibacterial Foam ostomy Dressing for the Managment of Peristomal Skin Complications

Tami Walker, BSN, RN, CWOCN, Ambulatory Care Ostomy Nursing Services, University of Michigan Hospitals, Ann Arbor, MI, Jane Theriault, BSN, RN, CWOCN, Ambulatory Care Ostomy Nursing Services, University of Michgian Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI and Neal Dunwoody, BSN, RN, BA, WOCN, private practice, Private community practioner, vancouver, BC, Canada
Use of an Antibacterial Foam Ostomy Dressing for the Management of Peristomal Skin Problems

Purpose: This case series will describe the use of an antibacterial absorbent foam dressing under ostomy skin barriers of patients who had peristomal candidiasis, irritant contact dermatitis, or ulcerations.

Statement of Problem: Skin and wound issues under an ostomy pouching system are common and present complex treatment challenges. The incidence of peristomal skin breakdown varies between 10.2 – 43%1. Drainage from irritated, weeping skin or wounds can make pouch adhesion difficult.  Clinicians need treatment options that can address these issues, while still allowing a reasonable wear time of the ostomy pouching system.

Design: Descriptive case studies, from the United States and Canada, will include patient history, initial treatment modalities, and a photo series. Cases will include: candida, peristomal ulcer(s), and contact dermatitis. The use of a novel antibacterial foam dressing will be shown in conjunction with ostomy barriers and accessories.

Conclusion: This dressing offers a viable solution that provides absorption of fluid and an antibacterial option, while still achieving a reasonable wear time with the ostomy pouching system.