CS14-011 Radiation Dermatitis Received Relief with Leptospermum honey (LH)

Connie Johnson, RN, BSN, WCC, LLE, OMS, DAPWCA, Princeton Medical Center, University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro, Princeton, NJ
Radiation Dermatitis Received Relief with Leptospermum honey (LH)

Connie Johnson, BSN, RN, WCC, LLE, OMS

MNO Nursing Staff


To illustrate the use of Leptospermum honey (LH) to facilitate pain relief and wound improvement.


To promote pain relief and optimize healing capabilities for wounds secondary to radiation treatments with LH and to demonstrate ease of use for patients at home.


Pt 1- 82 yo male throat cancer admitted with neck and mouth wounds secondary to radiation. Leptospermum Honey Hydrogel Colloidal Sheet (LH HCS) applied to neck wounds & patient reported within 2 days pain diminished from 10+ to 7. LH paste applied to oral mucosa open lesions providing immediate relief and allowing tolerance of a soft food diet the 2nd day of use.

Pt 2- A 78 yo male thyroid cancer was admitted with radiation dermatitis to the neck.  LH HCS was applied and the patient reported immediate pain relief. The family was thrilled as the patient had been suffering for many days while utilizing other ointments without relief. By Day 8 of LHHCS, epithelialization was noted with only 2 small open areas remaining. The patient requested to continue LHHCS at home.

Pt 3- A 36 yo female hx of colon cancer admitted possible sepsis secondary to radiation dermatitis to pelvis & buttocks. LH paste with secondary dressing applied to pelvis & immediate pain relief noted. LHHCS applied to buttocks with immediate relief. patient discharged home, significant improvement & continuation of dressings.


patients demonstrated pain relief first applications. Significant improvement was noticed in size & quality of wounds.  Patients able to continue dressings at home with ease & confidence.


LH, when used to manage radiations dermatitis, helped  to relieve discomfort while providing a cost effective and easy dressing option to be used at home upon discharge.