CS14-076 Effectiveness of a Leptospermum Honey and a Novel Hydrogel Colloidal Sheet Dressing with Leptospermum Honey with Obstetrical and Gynecological Wounds and Incision Sites

Stefanie Schultis, MD, FACOG, Private Practice, Covington, LA
The world of gynecology has their own share of wounds with their associated challenges that make wound healing complicated. These wound types include but are not limited to boils, candida, and torn episiotomies. Additionally, complications associated with cesarean sections and gynecological surgeries happen in approximately 3% of patients. These complications include but are not limited to surgical site infection and dehiscence.  There are a number of items that can cause these complications both with wounds and surgeries, some are related to patient compliance with post-surgical directions others relate to risk factors associated with patient comorbidities such as diabetes, smoking, obesity, and poor nutrition.


To assess the effect on obstetrical and gynecological wounds and surgical site complications and wound healing with the use of LH and a super absorbent polymer hydrogel colloidal sheet dressing containing LH.


LH hydrogel colloidal sheet dressing and LH was trialed on cesarean section, abdominal hysterectomies, boils, torn episiotomies, candida and robotic hysterectomies. The LH HCS dressing was placed immediately post operatively to provide a supportive healing environment along with the healing qualities of leptospermum honey.  LH gel, LH calcium alginate and/or LH HCS were applied to the various wounds with dressing change frequency depending on the wound type.


Utilizing LH gel, LH calcium alginate and LH HCS dressing has shown to provide comfortable and supportive outcomes. Several patients that were considered to be high risk for surgical site complications demonstrated wound healing without complications. Patients verbalized that the LH HCS dressing also provided a soothing comfort. The LH demonstrated positive outcomes in all of the cases treated including those patients dealing with chronic candida.