A WOC nurses Educational role at the High School level. Improving clinical practice of the Certified Nursing Assistant

Tina Meyers, MBA, BSN, CWOCN, Education, Montgomery Independent School District, Conroe, TX
Title: A WOC nurses Educational role at the High School level: Improving pressure ulcer and ostomy clinical practice and outcomes for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).
Background: The role of the bedside nurse is becoming more and more complicated and demanding each year.  Although demands have increased in nursing care, most patient to nurse ratios have remained the same.  In order to help nurses continue to provide quality care, it is imperative to have assistance from qualified employees such as the the Certified Nursing Assistant.  
Aim: The aim of this project was to increase the Nursing Assistants knowledge of pressure ulcer prevention and ostomy skills to be able to bring a higher level of practice to the work force.  
Method:  A WOC nurse was hired by an Independent School District to create and implement a Certified Nursing Assistant Program at the high school level.  The WOC nurse provided instruction and guidance through the CNA curriculum with an extensive focus on pressure ulcer prevention and ostomy care.  
Results:  Students who qualified for the Nursing Assistant certification exam were prepared for testing.  Students who completed the exam were hired in hospital settings where they showed increased knowledge of pressure ulcer prevention, ability to help prevent pressure ulcers and care for the ostomy.  
Conclusion:  Pressure ulcers still remain to be an issue in health care.  It is imperative to make sure nurses are being exposed to prevention methods and provided team members who have skin management training.  By having an emphasis on skin management specific curriculum for the high school student who desires to be a CNA, only encourages overall improvement in the healthcare process.