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National Pressure Ulcer Prevalence and Incidence Study - Seven Years of Data

Kathy Whittington, RN, MS, ET, CWCN, KCI, Director, Clinical Development, 8023 Vantage Dr, San Antonio, TX 78230 and Robin Briones, BBA, KCI, Outcomes Process Manager, 8023 Vantage Dr, San Antonio, TX 78230.

Purpose: To provide a benchmark for Health Care Organizations to measure Prevalence and Incidence.

Methodology: Standardized education kits and data collection forms were distributed to the participating facilities for the Prevalence and Incidence Study. During the month of March, pressure ulcer prevalence was measured during a Pre-determined 24-hour period at each facility. Incidence was measured over the average length of stay determined for each participating facility. Teams consisting of a registered nurse and one other health care professional assessed subjects. Demographic, wound, and other data were collected for these patients. Data collection forms were audited and submitted to a central site for database entry, analysis and generation of reports. Wound care protocols and education tools were available for use by the facilities.

Results: Facilities standardized data collection and pressure ulcer education for the prevalence and incidence study in successive years. (1999 115 facilities, through 2005 246 facilities) Comprehensive reports were delivered to the participating Health Care Organizations. The individual facility data was then compiled to create a database for comparison.

Conclusions: A standardized methodology for Prevalence and Incidence study data collection/ reporting has been developed and utilized in successive studies and years. This standardized methodology provides facilities with a tool for measuring the effectiveness of interventions and improving patient outcomes on an ongoing basis. The data from five successive years of pressure ulcer prevalence and incidence studies gives facilities the information necessary to begin trending analysis.

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