CS14-004 Modified Compression in Home Care

Bobbie Stallings, BSN, RN, CWOCN, Amedisys, Corporate Wound/Ostomy Care Specialist, Williamson, GA
Topic: How to manage edema and venous insufficiency with modified compression in home care.

DISCUSSION:  Compression is the gold standard of care for venous insufficiency. We are frequently asked to admit patients for home care services who have chronic venous insufficiency, 4+ edema, some with defined venous ulcers and some with multiple small scaly copiously weeping lesions. These patients cannot tolerate the recommended compression of 30-40mmhg. Simply treating and dressing the ulcer will not solve the problem. Our first goal is to get the edema and congestion down. Acheiving the first goal makes the goal of healing the wounds much easier. 

Nurses and therapists at this home care company have a corporate team of certified wound and ostomy nurses who are available for consults, questions or support.  The goal of the Corporate Wound Care team is to educate the clinician using the photos sent so they can be an advocate for the patient. This poster will show 3 case studies that show the effectiveness of modified compression along with an effective treatment protocol. How we manage the patient by decreasing the edema, healing the ulcers and moving the patient in the right direction with manageable life long compression.