CS14-043 Indication of Two Piece System of Moldable Technology for the Intestinal Ostomates from a SMALL City of SÃo Paulo State, Brazil

Janaína da Silva III, BSN, RN1, Helena Megumi Sonobe III, PHD, MSN, BSN2, Camila Megumi Naka Shimura III, BSN, RN2 and Marco Gimenes dos Santos III, BSN, RN3, (1)School of Nursing at University of São Paulo, CWOCN, Ourinhos/São Paulo, Brazil, (2)School of Nursing at University of São Paulo, CWOCN, Ribeirão Preto/São Paulo, Brazil, (3)School of Nursing at University of São Paulo, CWOCN, Franca/São Paulo, Brazil
INTRODUCTION: The Complications of ostomy and peristomal skin in intestinal ostomates require indication of system with specific technologies to meet their real necessity. This requires the patient to learn to perform self-care according to their needs, supported by a specialized health care team. This study aimed to indicate collector system by clinical evaluation and capacity for self-care of the intestinal ostomates. METHODOLOGY: A prospective exploratory study was conducted with intestinal ostomates (6) in Ourinhos city, Brazil. The criteria for the indication of two piece system of moldable technology  were patients with lack of fine motor skills, decreased visual acuity, improper location of the stoma and peristomal complications. RESULTS: Of the 6 patients, female (3) and male (3), which used skin barrier flat (3) and skin barrier convex (3). This have increased durability in time from 2 to 7 days, also reported increased comfort and easy to perform self care, periestomal skin healing and decreased the odors of stool. CONCLUSIONS: The indication of moldable technology provides: cost containment, self care and security in relation to their status as an intestinal ostomate and quality of life for these patients.