The History of Ostomy Surgery and the Evolution of the Ostomy Nurse Specialist

Lea Crestodina, ARNP CWOCN CDE, Wound Care, Memorial Regional Hospital, Coral Springs, FL
Topic: The History of Ostomy Surgery and the Evolution of the Ostomy Nurse SpecialistPurpose: The purpose of this historical poster is to examine the evolution of ostomy surgery, the ostomy nurse specialist and the corresponding evolution of ostomy products.Methodology: This poster was created by reviewing historical records in nursing journals, medical textbooks and through interviews with patients who have undergone ostomy surgery in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s.Statistics: Statistics were not utilized as this was a historical research project.Results: Ostomy surgery continues to evoke great emotion. Since the onset of this life saving surgery, patients undergoing ostomy surgery have had many emotions ranging from relief at having another chance at life to dread, fear and shame. This historical research poster outlines the history of ostomy surgeries through the years and the corresponding evolution of pouching systems. These systems have allowed patients to move forward with their lives and without the pouching systems; the surgeries surely would not have been successful. This study also parallels the evolution of the ostomy nurse specialist. The ostomy nurse specialist is familiar with all of the surgical procedures, the different pouching systems available to help equip each patient with a system to keep them dry and confident. It was not always this way. Early on, there were no ostomy nurse specialists and patients needed to rely on other ostomy patients and their practical knowledge to help them move forward. These were the beginning of the role of the ostomy nurse specialist.Conclusion: This poster is a presentation of the historical role of the surgeon, the commercial pouch companies and the ostomy nurse specialist in the evolution of the colostomy, ileostomy and ileal conduit.